Bright Ones

From the Notes of Stupac Shakormp

The Bright Ones aren’t particularly superstitious but they have a few religions.  These religions are about ritual more than they are about metaphysics. The few remaining Bright Ones happened to be fairly non-religious. But there is one of great interest to me. Her name is Hope Reversed and she is the last follower of the Backwards Facing God. 

The followers of the Backwards Facing God believe that the fatal flaw of the Bright Ones and all animals is that we experience time in the wrong order. They believe the story is happening in reverse and we can’t see how marvelous it is because we are starting at the end and working our way backwards. 

About one hundred and forty years prior to the the prison ship’s removal from time, this new religion was formed. They’re first prophet, who they call “The Last Prophet,” put himself in a machine and dictated a lengthy history of what was to come. The machine he made was experimental and unstable and it detonated, destroying half a city. The religion was promptly banned. 


Bright Ones

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