D&D in Space

The Calypso Log, pt 1

T: – 30 hours

Plans are underway to blow up the space station "The Joy of Interrupting a Pendulum.

Sledge stares ominously at the Bright Ones in an attempt to hurry their evacuation. He receives a data storage device containing the secret Bright One Histories. He later gives this to Dylan.

Kanda gets to know the Kitorin crew better.

Mickey meets a fan. Mickey Autographs a wooden orb for the Bright One admirer. 

Dylan feeds the baby she accidentally made with Thought Exploder. She thinks thoughts while mind-jacking Flaw Finder. Her child is developing apace.

But most importantly, Drottr meets Hope Reversed. The last living devote of the Backwards Facing God. She tells Drottr that the final prophet spoke of the first prophet, who would have one arm and four legs. (She believes time moves backwards.) She tells him that he has met the Backwards facing god and that he alone knows where it is. 

T: – 4 Hours

The Devoted jump in. They appear to be using the same arcane creature to imporve their jumps. They hang in the air, recovering from the jump, for several hours. The Bright One fleet is ordered to jump. But one ship, "Screaming for lack of words," is unable to spin up their engines. Spanner is launched over in a torpedo to fix the situation but even he can't get this engine to go. An evacuation order comes in and the scout ship evac all 50 people onto "A Small Measure of Decency."

The Devoted begin flying their ships in as a giant net. Kanda manages to fly through a devoted ship and sledge shoots out a part of the web large enough for "A Small Measure of Decency to slip through. But five Bright Ones are caught by the web and disappear. The ship jumps as does The Inferno.

T: 0 Hours

Right when they jump to the next location, Dylan spots a number of Devoted have teleported onto the ship. 10 of them, which becomes 5 soon after. Sledge kills the power and the crew go in and dispatch the 4 devoted. Spanner, still aboard "A small Measure of Decency," gets in a fight with two Devoted Berserker and is nearly killed before the Berserker are vented into space. Spanner manages to hold on.

T: 1 Hour

Spanner repairs himself somewhat, then rejoins his crew. The Fridge I mentioned earlier has returned to the cargo bay of "A Small Measure of Decency" despite being left on the space station (which exploded). Mickey enters the fridge, expecting The Devourer. Instead, Mickey speaks to an entity claiming to be the Val-Star. 

T: 2 Hours

Two Devoted are located aboard "Time Spent Thinking About Time." The crew arrives and manages to hack the generator to consume the power going to gravity. The Devoted Orchestrator and Mickey get in a brief telekenisis sword fight which is broken up by Sledge tackling the orchestrator. Sledge is shot many, many times and eventually skewered to the Orchestrator by its floating sword. But The crew destroys the turrets and Mickey beheads the orchestrator. 

T: 3 Hours

It is discovered that the Devoted Orchestrators are able to control how much sentience the other Devoted have. But they are all powered by the Generators, who sap ship power.

Dylan and Kanda discuss somehow using Ike to possibly enter the dimension where all the Galateans keep their brains. She feeds the baby. It grabs her hand. 

T: 4 Hours

The Devoted arrive at the location of the fleet just as everyone is jumping out. The Devoted have now formed into one singular, massive ship. The Inferno jumps away. The crew still have 1 unaccounted for Devoted, somewhere in the fleet, able to relay their location to the Devoted mother ship. 



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