Frithrik Molleepog

Serving the greater good. But what is good, really?


Frith & Rik are two let’s describe them as space snake/slugs living inside the squishy vessel that is Molleepog. Humanoid female body. Usually naked because Frithrik, already inside a flesh suit, feel super confined in suits and armor.

Speaking of layers – since Frithrik spend their lives piloting around an organic friend-ship (hahahahah) it’s not a far leap to navigate the pile of mech junk that is Archon across the universe.


It’s fine. We’re fine.

Rik is all about the straight & narrow the up and down the mercy halls and grandiose hopes that life is never more worth protecting than when it effects the many and the deserving

Frith is like yeah i hear you but remember when Jelly died because i do i’ll never forget that because when she died she died alone and she was scared and confused because she couldn’t imagine a day when we wouldn’t be with her couldn’t conceive that we weren’t the same being and when she started slipping away and growing cold what could we do
what did we do
we watched
we peeled away
we peeled away from her like some dirty suit that has outworn its use in the end that’s all she was that’s all she was made to be and that’s not right. That’s not moral. So no. Fuck the greater good. Fuck what’s right. What’s right is a lie. What’s good is a lie. Anyone that tells you they know what’s good is trying to make you buy into a system that is put in place to serve the selfish needs of a privileged few. Fuck all that sound. i refuse to feed that system. and you can live deluded if you want Rik that’s fine. i’ll curl up back here with ‘Pogs and you won’t even know what she knows, you won’t know her, you’ll use her. what a hero. what a fucking scion of beauty and righteousness: Rik. but if you ever put her in danger i swear i’ll set the path straight once and for all. The only thing that matters now is us and Pollywog. if there is any good in the universe Riks, it’s her. she’s the only thing worth protecting
she’s the only thing worthy
and i’ll find a way to help her live forever and if not forever
at least
until we
you and i, Rik
and me.

Frithrik hatched and grew up in the communal goo of the birth-Kal. They were eggmates, paired off since before birth. Designed, by someone with a sick sense of humor, to be Kalmates for life. That’s a lie. It was great at first. Frithrik excelled. Super harmonious, like a chill album or a particularly fertile nebula.
And then they got their first Kal: Jelly
and it was like ffffffuuuuuuu
nth degree synthesis zero-waste eyelid fluttering quiver bait
flaming comets and 7 mile deep foam storms
that kind of thing
that trio
it was nice okay
fuck that
it’s hard to explain
but that kind of closeness
that intimate shared knowledge
was like p dope tbh
it’s funny tho
20 years comes and goes real quick when you’re blissed out and functioning as a successful member of society
and yeah, Frithrik knew that 20 was kinda like the magic number
the moment when Jelly would leave them
the first death is the deepest
(baby i know)
the first death is the deepest
and when it comes to being lucky…
they weren’t.

Losing Jelly
she didn’t get lost
she died
she ceased to exist
and that ceasing
Frithrik felt every moment
the fear terror coldness pain silence emptiness
the sensation of the body, your body, dying around you is
beyond words
it changed frithrik
Rik doubled down on the morality system behind Kaldreth life: individuality is inherently selfish and misguided, progress can only be made when the collective good governs every decision
Frith went the opposite direction
with a shattered and cynical view of his own species
he began to see the Dreth as monstrous parasites clinging to the purposefully-lobotomized Kal
an entire species subjugated
for what?
Purely for the betterment of the Dreth.
Hypocrites all.
There was no greater good, no idyllic utopia.
There was only power and invasion and deception
Frith receded from view
for a long time
except occasionally
when he’d lash out
take Rik by surprise
take everyone by surprise
rik decided it was best if they left.
he waited til their third Kal
and then they left
the three of them
and the distance from home
seemed to put Frith at ease
and Molleepog
she was just
just so much like Jelly
and it was like another chance
to do right
to do better
by her
and so
if Frith is fixated
obsessed even
with finding a way
any way
to help Pollywogs live forever
at least
to live as long as Frithrik will
who is Rik to disagree
the greater good is all well and good
Rik is nothing
in the absence of Frith and Molleepog

yeah they lived on the fringes
yeah they saw what pirates did to the weak to the unprotected
yes they were hunted
yes they knew fear and hunger
none of it compared
to that formative horror
and Frithrik knows
at age 59
that they won’t survive
don’t want to survive
without Molleepog

Frithrik Molleepog

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