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The United Worlds has accepted its newest world into the fold. The planet previously known as Danube 5 has been formally admitted into the United Worlds as New Bigsby. Its United Worlds Representative will be Clippers Wargeenoodle of the Refugee camp. This news has absolutely stunned the intergalactic community, with the Ardin Diplomatic Center in an uproar. But the decision is final and New Bigsby is under the guiding hand of a former refugee.

This announcement comes on the heels of a major scandal from the capitol city of Sea Spire. The Mayor of Sea Spire turned himself into authorities and is now testifying against the cities religious leader, Feren Sinblind. As of today, Sinblind, his wife Softouch and the city’s head peacekeeper, Goshen Quickeye, are all missing and wanted by authorities for crimes ranging from corruption and bribery to attempted murder and war-profiteering.

In other news, General Blackfin of the Machran army made his first appearance in court yesterday. He said in his opening statement:

              “What is done cannot be undone. But I stand here to answer for my sins and offer any explanation I can for my heinous deeds. I will explain every motivation, every context, for every horrendous step along my path to ruin. My hope is that other monsters like me will see this testimony and know what misery is to follow when chasing unreasonable power. I do not deny the charges levied against me. I will accept the truth of those I wronged. I will accept any punishment.”


lady softouch
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