D&D in Space

Eye Witness accounts of the Albarin Station Event

Clambrosia Sticktock: At 0450, the station experienced extreme turbulence. A gravitational event had pulled the station briefly lower in orbit around Albarin 4. Emergency gravitation aligners kicked in before any serious damage was done, but several minor injuries were reported.

I quickly contacted the new ship that had appeared on my radar. This ship identified itself as the Archon, a ship that had docked with us recently. It described its cargo as another space station. The cargo they were carrying was [Redacted].

I contacted my superiors.

Lisbreen Shrugmore: At 0645, my sister and I were joined by Trox diplomat, Smorch Ar-Ar Partn and Martial Grek at the gate. We greeted the captain of the Archon and stressed the importance of well documented flight plans. She seemed distracted. She briefly described the station she had jumped in next door to mine as [Redacted].

Flink Sternjob Clester: Sometime during the day I don’t remember when I ran into the robot fella, Allen, and he told me he needed a new FTL drive. So I put in an order for one and told him to sit on his synthetic backside for fourteen days for it to arrive.

Glorminthume Stiffbottom: I observed the Corsa first at the Flame Tongue, where he drank with his Trox compatriot. He was a marvelous specimen so I conscripted several of my brothers and sisters to help me examine him further. We followed him about the station, eventually running into what appeared to be other members of his crew, an Ardin and a Kaldreth, purchasing a Kevlon Coal Boar. They were quite intoxicated and explained that it was a gift for their ships science officer.

Smorch Ar-Ar Partn: At 0900 the day after the Archon arrived, I received a call from Captain Sunspear. She was panicked, speaking of some sort of Galatean conspiracy and a need to get off the station as fast as possible. I offered her asylum but she refused.

Glorminthume Stiffbottom: It was at 0900 the following day that we found the Corsa again. This time he was taking a bath in the hotsprings at the Birdhouse bar. We took remote moisture readings. Eventually he rose, donned a suit of armor, and jumped off a balcony. We observed in the mall courtyard below that several Galatean marshals were in the process of arresting the Corsa’s compatriots. The Corsa seemed unhappy with this course of action and proceeded to do great violence to the chief Marshal Grek. In a moment, several more Marshals emerged and several more of the Corsa’s compatriots arrived. A fight ensued. The Marshals acted quite cowardly, taking cover behind civilians, using them as body shields. The crew acted quite brazenly, ignoring the body shields and simply attacking the marshals. Some of the body shields escaped, some were downed in the fight. The fight moved its way across the concourse, all the way to the ship docks, where it concluded. The crew entered the ship and my siblings and I celebrated a fabulous observation of Corsa war instincts.

Hesseltink Grom Shorb: I guess it was around 0900 that I witnessed the fight begin. I was standing next a human, I did not know him from stone. He was grabbed by a Galatean, heavily armed, while the Galatean fired at a Trox. The Trox approached with a concussive mace and proceeded to beat on the Galatean with ferocity and vigor. In the process he hit the human, in the skull. The human collapsed.

Clambrosia Sticktock: At 0930 I noticed that the Archon was attempting to decouple from the station. The Marshals had put a lockdown order so the maglocks weren’t releasing. Then, I saw the weapons fire up and before I could do anything, the Archon opened fire on the station, destroying the mag-locks, freeing itself. Moments later, I received a baffling communication from the Archon’s captain, requesting permission to depart. For what it’s worth, I said “no.”



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