D&D in Space

An Exceprt From the Official Report of Captain Chuck Sterling E.S.C., U.W.I.L., T.F.R. Flight AR165A.


I was hitting my course from Krum to Emisnar when I was confronted by the Archon (an old Hessmar class battle bird, Twigwin built for Ardin deep space raids. A real beauty, built in a time when atmo entry was a real viable choice. All sleek angles and gentle curves. I digress). This ship, claiming no special law enforcement title, demanded to board my ship, at the threat of violence. I complied, seeing no other option. The Captain of the Archon, Sunspear, insisted she was retrieving an intergalactic criminal, though I had no way to corroborate this fact.

Before Sunspear could board, the suspected criminal, Sinblind, overtook the ships security officers and took the entire ship hostage. I informed the passengers of the sudden change of flight plans.

Sinblind insisted that we take the ship to Albarin station, which we did. The Archon accompanied us, either for protection, or insurance, I was not sure.

Eventually, Captain Sunspear wound up in my cockpit, and I caught her up on the happenings aboard my ship.

Sunspear was happy to continue slinking around like a space cat, but she was caught by Sinblind.

I should note that Sinblind received several communications while holding my ship hostage. The communications were being routed through a proxy so I couldn’t say where they came from, but one communication contained coordinates for Alabarin station.

Eventually, we arrived at the station, and the crew of the Archon daringly assaulted Sinblind and his posse, neutralizing him and killing his men. No civilians were injured in the scuffle.

I decided I wanted to get a look at Albarin station, just to see if we could recoup there, but I found the entire population of the station dead on the floor.

It was distressing.

At this point, I was forced to relinquish control of my ship due to the quarantine of the station. Randy Savage, my copilot, was put in charge until it could be detrmined that I was not a danger to the crew and passengers.

The crew of the Archon boarded the station and did fearsome combat with several Bodak (horrible space monsters). They found some hiding civilians and then possibly activated an illegal duplicating device. I’m not totally sure how the device works or what it all means but it would explain the preponderance of bodies, and the occasional repeat of the same corpse I was noticing on the ground.

After this, the crew returned, victorious. Their engineer had discovered that our FTL had been sabotaged, so Sunspear agreed to take me, my crew, and all my passengers to the nearest friendly planet, the Trox world of Krum, where we had started the trip.

Alas, we did not depart, as a UW war fleet jumped into Albarin space and decided they would take over.



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