D&D in Space

Epilogue pt. 2
Sentinel Drottr Krunjin Premborzl

Kanda’s winning the UW seat on the New Bigsby was, by all accounts, inevitable. Drottr continued to serve alongside Kanda, as she grew to prominence within the UW, dictating galactic events, heading a unified Committee to negotiate and deal with the entity “P” and his Galatean contingent. With the rote tedium of a bureaucratic schedule, Drottr grew tired. Kanda, having unfettered access to the playground of political intrigue (as well as the hundreds of literal playgrounds on New Bigsby) was busy, distracted, focused, and safe.

Drottr served the Valstar. He was here for a purpose.

If this was it, he had filled it well. Kanda had grown to her rightful place in the United Worlds. Her work, unifying and pacifying the throng of sentient civilizations, had proven her importance as a figure of galactic history.

And so Drottr retired. Spending a brief period of time on a Drox colony, he found it to be more cramped and congested than he remembered. After a lifetime aboard ships and space stations, Drottr found himself on a shuttle, headed to a planet he had been to only once before: Molean, the planet where he had lost his arm and gained his honor. On Molean, he quietly resided in peace for several more years.

Details of his death are not well known. What is known is that the single village on Molean was suddenly flooded, due to some unexpected natural phenomenon. In this flood, fewer than half of the resident Kashinians survived. Drottr, bearing his shield against an inevitable and unrelenting rush of water, was responsible for saving just one: a young woman called Tallah Kilbrain. Drottr had known Tallah when she was a girl, having spent time with her during his penance and subsequent amputation. In this way, Sentinel Drottr Krunjin Premborzl had served his purpose to the Valstar.

Epilogue pt. 1
Big Picture Stuff

Graceful End managed to flourish, confined to a single valley, the Bright Ones dove into the task of managing their dwindling gene pool. The solution, it turned out lay in a young Bright One named "World-Bridge." The child of two species, World Bridge was a living example of how to infuse genetic diversity from other races. Not wanting to call them "half Bright Ones" they were instead called The Poet's Children. World Bridge wound up mating with three Jaxeans, an Ardin, a Corsa, five Kiton and a wopping thirty-nine humans. Humans, for whatever reason, really like the idea of alien fucking. Who knew?

The Bright Ones built several monuments and several holidays to commemorate their exodus, building a new culture not around expansion and longevity, but around perseverance and coexistence. 20 years after it's founding, Graceful End announced to the world that it would be forming a world government, in cooperation with the Cleoxi. Their world capitol is called Spanner City. 


New Bigsby welcomed their ninth UW representative in 6 years, Kanda Sunspear, after a landslide election. Lassie Stinklater, hoping this meant some sort of stability for the Jaxeans, resigned, again. She is still extremely active in political circles, despite having no official title. 

Micky Van Kleef became the first non-Jaxean to win a Dancy-Brain award, a prestigious award given out by the Jaxean Humanities Council for Deeply Biased Journalism. 


The United Front eventually fell apart, with no great threat to unite them. The Trox continued their political independence from the other UW races, but with stronger diplomatic ties than ever. Meanwhile, the Kitorin, after years of sunlight integration, eventually outlawed slavery, cobbled together some sort of republic and were admitted into the UW.

Years later, upon hearing of the death of Captain Sledge, the UW enforcement agency decided not to cancel his bounty and instead, raise it to 9.5 billion credits, making him the most valuable individual, alive or dead, in the history of the United Worlds. 

On the 50th anniversary of the end of the war, the singularity unveiled their newest Flagship. The T.S.V. Premborzl.



The Galateans, reeling from their lost political status founded their own galactic government, called "The Congruance." They then admitted, the Altari, the Corsa, and the "Penultumas" (the leftover devoted under the leadership of "P"). Their relationship with the UW is peaceful, but icy. 


Generations after the end of the war, the Prison ship still floats in the abyss, guarded by a small compliment of an endangered people. Their immortal ward waits patiently. Nothing can stay hidden forever. 


From the notes of Dagmar Deadborn pt 2
Where we wrap it all up, sort of

You know, when I try to get this all down, it seems sort of ridiculous.

After the ship crash, Kanda and her merry gang of misfits happened upon the native peoples of Graceful End: The Cleoxi. These massive beetle-like natives possessed a strong sense of honor and desire to negotiate. It seemed that they had made a deal with the Bright Ones nearly a million years ago regarding their coexistence. 

At this point, Dylan took the lead, and learned of the Cleoxi culture, in which honor was not just an ideal but a measurable currency, earned through productive and/or dangerous work. Honor was recorded via a line of bugs on one's hands. 

I arrived with Chuck Sterling and Mickey and discussed Kanda's political future. She was not polling great on Ardin but her numbers were through the roof on New Bigsby so she decided to just run there. Of course, a successful first contact negotiation would look great on her resume. An unsuccessful negotiation would mean political immolation. 

The Bright Ones arrived, hoping to negotiate with the Cleoxi, but the Cleoxi seemed nervous to work with the Bright Ones. Something to do with a previous agreement being broken. So, they decided to deal with Kanda's people. 

Many Hands expressed that all Kanda needed to do was get the Cleoxi to agree to sit down with the Bright Ones. But Dylan learned a disturbing fact that the Bright Ones had voted to put a massive gun ship in orbit, ready to destroy the Cleoxi hive if things went south. Tensions were high.

It seemed the Cleoxi had some special place in their culture for Spanner. "Untouchable." He was unable to possess or use Honor. But he was revered. This all because he was unable to have sex. So he was declared arbiter and the Cleoxi sat down with Kanda, Sledge, Mickey, Dylan, and Drottr.

Then, Mother arrived. The Cleoxi worship this entity called Mother, a sentient (and seemingly ancient) swarm of bugs.

Mother sat at Spanners side and watched the negotiations. 

The talks started out fine, with Kanda explaining that these new Bright Ones were very different form the old ones. Mother was helpful, talkative, and just a tad condescending. 

Then, the Cleoxi expressed their deal. They would end all hostilities and let the Bright Ones settle on the land, in exchange for hostages. They wanted several Bright Ones to be "Mother's Children." When Dylan asked what it means to be a child of mother, they explained that it meant that Mother had power over you, just like the Cleoxi. Mother then demonstrated this power, by controlling Dylan like a puppet.

So it seemed the deal was peace, in exchange for slaves.

Everyone went back to their camps and Kanda had a mild meltdown, wondering if these Bright Ones she had spent so much blood and sweat saving were really worth it at all. They seemed so willing to kill all the Cleoxi. But the Cleoxi themselves were not so benevolent. Then Many Hands explained that the Cleoxi had surrounded their settlement. Tensions were rising.

So the Bright Ones went to negotiate with the Cleoxi and Sledge, Micky and Drottr went into orbit to attempt to neutralize the Bright One weapon. While Micky put an EMP in the aiming system, Drottr made an impassioned plea to lay down arms and be honorable. While the captain of the ship could not defy orders, some one else heard Drottr's plea: Mother.

Back on the surface, Mother invited the group back and explained that she had watched them attempt to defuse the Bright One weapon. She believed them honorable and, more importantly, of great value to the Bright Ones. So, the Cleoxi offered taking some of Kanda's people as hostages instead. 

But who would volunteer to be a permanent hostage of the enslaving bug swarm?

Spanner, of course. The untouchable, unaffected by mother's grasp, venerated by her people, loved by the Bright Ones for being their savior, and of course, built by Bright Ones; a shining example of the good they can create, if given a chance.

It was damn poetic.

Then, we left, heading to New Bigsby and a new chapter in Kanda's life.

From the notes of Dagmar Deadborn
The golden goose returns...

Long ago, and for reasons that I'm sure will wind up in a book, I had the good fortune of nearly dying. My salvation came in the form of a beguiling young lawyer named Kanda Stonesoul. The manner of her arrival was so unlikely that I, for a moment, genuinely believed I had been saved by an angel. I told her that I was forever in her debt.

She took this literally.

Decades later and after years of near constant "favors," I had the pleasure of representing Stonesoul's  somewhat feral daughter in the case of the century. I believe Stonesoul said "See, not all my favors are bad?" to which I thought fondly of my original leg, wondering where it might be.

But then, it seemed the Golden Goose had more eggs to lay. Sunspear returned only this time, she had somehow managed to place herself in the middle of the greatest negotiations in United World history. The surrender of the Devoted. It seems Sunspear was responsible. But, after a little mention of space cocaine and the fact that she negotiated with the devoted while on vacation and how she basically ignored every first contact protocol in the book, it seemed that the powers that be were intent on stripping her of the rank they foisted upon her in the first place.

Ironic, isn't it?

Well, when one door shuts…

You see, Sunspear, possessing literally none of her mother's qualities (or appearance for that matter (I think she might be adopted)), decided to use this very public dressing down by congress to actually announce that she was running for congress. It was insane and ill-adviced and deeply entertaining. Kanda Sunspear, undisputed leader of the most searched name on the internet, 6 years running. Never change.

So, having thrown a political bomb in the room, Kanda swiftly left the system and headed back to Graceful end (after retaining my council of course). She picked up a galatean engineer named Tera (recently, somewhat unhappily single) and a Chuck Sterling (retired spaceline pilot who had previous encounters with the captain). And, of course, Marcus (who still makes the best Fried Cabunba, this side of Gzarbin). Sunspear insisted this was a job of currying political favor, but in fact, it seemed she was just genuinely concerned for the fate of these ill-fated few. In this way, I think she'd make for a marvelously bad politician. 

Once arrived on the planet, she was asked to put trackers on all the local earthquake beasts. This was supposed to be an easy job, unfortunately, some lightning beetles intervened, causing the beast to rear up and knock the ship out of the sky.

As a personal note, I'd like to say that I do believe it will be boredom that kills me one day, and for as long as there are Kandas in the galaxy, I will never die.

Final Calypso Log
Where we wrap it all up, sort of

T: 80

So, the crew went ahead and put on the devoted on a planet, called it Penultima and said, "uh, stay here."

Then they helped the Bright One's settle in. Got a look at the flora and fauna of Graceful End. The fauna was massive and the flora was deadly.

Then, turns out, all these devoted wound up voting up a leader to bargain on their behalf. You guessed it, the entity named "P."

P began by bargaining with the party as to whether or not the devoted were prisoners and whether they posed a threat to the Bright Ones. All was going amicably, until P included taking the fridge as part of his deal with the captain. She flipped the proverbial table, while spanner blew up the ships networking device and they marooned them on the planet.

The party then asked Ike and Tina where they want to go and what do you know, they said Twigwilia, the fabled lost homeworld of the Twigins.

So the crew got on the inferno, networked in all the devoted ships and jumped.

Once there, the planet turned off it's invisibility cloak and a twigwin named Milo Omnitwigilius III, owner of said secret planet, greeted them. Turns out it was not the twigin homeworld after all but just one of many secret invisible planets all called Twigwilia, that are, in fact, a sort of known secret among the Twigwin. Many bets were won and lost and the Twigwin economy went into a tail spin.

So, discovering that they were a hop skip and a jump away from Arden, Kanda, and her Void Runner went to see how things were looking in the galaxy.

And from here, I think you know the rest.

Calypso Log pt 6
Mistakes were made

T: 50

It was clear that the fleet was not being followed. Everyone was exhausted and wounded, but they were safe, for now.

At this point, Many Hands recommended that everyone have a party, for morale.

It was a real bitching party. There were beer clouds, a thought orgy, and Sledge brought his collection of skulls. At this party, a reporter named Mirthbringer started talking up the Kanda, Dylan and Captain Sledge. The crew did not present themselves in the most positive light. 

Speaking of light, Light showed up to the party. Everyone got real nervous, as he is huge. But it was not Light at all. It was "P" the gardener, here to tell the crew that he had fulfilled his end of the bargain and had repaired all the thought planets. He then thanked them for all the new "friends."

Then he teleported away.  It was very ominous. Everyone was concerned.

The crew assembled for a meating to figure out what this all meant, but they found out Light had turned on their captured devoted. This devoted (named James) had undergone somewhat of a personality change. He was remorseful, introspective. He also provided them with the coordinates of the Devoted fleet. Curious to see if these effects would persist among the rest of the fleet, the inferno departed to go look and see.


When they arrived, they found the whole fleet parked outside a bountiful planet. And Drottr was there.

It seems that after running through a simulated escape scenario over and over, Drottr woke up to find the whole fleet sleeping. He and some other prisoners took over the fleet and they jumped to… well, just a random place that Drottr chose. Just so happened, he chose a place that was a planet, green and filled with life. 

When Drottr landed on this planet, he saw a massive statue of a Bright One and a woman in a space suit who he could not look at. She said that he was supposed to tell her something and he told her, "There are other sources of power besides the ships." Then she thanked him, and split into two beings, one dissolved into stardust, the other walked into the woods. 

The whole crew got together and had a little powow about their new situation. The inferno went back to retrieve the Bright Ones and everyone began having a look around.

Calypso Log Parts 4 and 5
This one's a doozy


With the fleet and crew beginning to suffer from exhaustion, mistakes were made and three ships were unable to jump in time. The inferno had to stay behind and keep these ships alive while the Devoted fleet jumped back in. Kanda managed to once again pull off feats of insane ability (aided by Deadman's special Space Cocain), threading through broken links in the devoted web, but sadly, the ship KibleShrinkstorm's pride did not get so lucky and it's crew was abducted. Spanner managed to get onto the gun pod of the ship he was being detained aboard (on the devoted fleet) and do some damage to the fleet from within. Then he teleported back to the Inferno and they managed to escape with their lives. 

Unfortunately, several Devoted jumped onto the inferno as well and they had to be fought off.

Kanda, still on cocaine, charted several more courses, then jumped in the fridge to find herself in experiencing being captive aboard a devoted ship. Lots of Christian Rock posters. It was confusing and she was beligerant. 


The fleet jumped again, with the Devoted still following.


The fleet jumped again, with the Devoted still following. The crew had no idea how.

Dylan decided that she wanted to figure out how to wake up Ike. She asked the Captain if she could set about using ship resources and he said she was given "complete latitude" to do "anything she needed" to wake up Ike. So, after some careful deliberation, Dylan hooked up Tick Tock's corpse to the ship's FTL drive and to Ike's container and rerouted enough energy to jump the ship into the cannister with Ike. Ike woke up.

Ike was furious when he heard what had happened. Knowing that the Devoted were using the same jump technique meant that they had another of Ike's kind. The thing is, there are only two of his kind. Ike and Tina. They are both the halfs of a great intellegence that split in half. 

Dylan was interested in using Ike to get to the dimension where galateans keep their brains but Ike refused to help unless the crew saved Tina. You see, Ike was under the belief that Tina had already been saved by Ronan, when Ronan rescued Ike. And that they would be reunited when Ike finished his favor. 

The party agreed. They would go save Tina.

Ike also explained what the fridge is. He called it a dimensional tear. It is conscious and feels hatred for everyone. But it can be used to create time loop origins so he told the crew to hop in the fridge so they can retain their memory in the event that this whole rescue goes sideways and Ike has to reset time.

So the crew hopped in the fridge.

While in the Fridge, Sledge experienced his own funeral. Thousands gathered on a mud hill and they watched his body. Sledge walked about as a ghost and when Target felt him pass, he called out, and the whole croud engaged in a massive fist fight. Sledge was pleased. Then he was sucked underground and met Black Fin, now fat and huge, reading moby dick. He gave the small book to sledge and told him to read it.

Kanda experienced a forgotten memory from childhood. She was with her mother and Kira Burningheart, back when Kanda was just a child. Kanda watched as sniper shot Kira to the ground and her mother dragged Kira back inside. Kanda's mother then somehow revived Kira, mending her wound with her hand. Then another shot rung out and went straight through Kanda's mother's head. Stonesoul simply smiled and told Kanda it was "Ok" and that "This will all be over soon," and touched her daughter's head. Blackout.

Dylan experienced life as a Bright One. She walked about in a strange land with old statues of arden and human. She was now a he, and he was trying to figure out where he was and why? Then he attended the funeral procession of Drottr. And Dylan began to realize she was in the mind of her own son. Then the other Bright Ones revealed they had played a prank, giving the young Bright One temporary amnesia. Then black out.

Spanner experienced the sensation of being the Devourer.

Then Kanda did some more cocaine.


With the Crew all saved, the fridge were ejected and the party sent the rest of the fleet forward and waited for the devoted to arrive. 

When the devoted arrived, they used Ike to make their ship fast enough to avoid the web while Drottr, Dylan, and Spanner teleported to the fleet.

They had a hard time locating Tina and eventually, Kanda was captured by the devoted, while the team was gunned down by Devoted defenses.

Ike hit reset.

They tried again, but this time, Kanda, knowing where the Devoted fleet would be lined up her ship, spoofed it to look like a devoted ship and hopped into the net as soon as they arrived. It was nearly perfect, with the engine crew needing to sprint to the front of the ship to avoid the web at one point.

Aboard the devoted fleet, Spanner realized that the doors on the ships were not actual doors but teleporting waypoints and that he could program any door to teleport them to the "experimental engine." So, on their way, the crew found several sleeping bright ones, and several totally unknown aliens, also sleeping, in pods. 

Once they found Tina, Sledge punched her free and Spanner tried to absorb her into his system. The power overload was so massive, he had to syphon it off, bit by bit, to the rest of the devoted fleet, causing a temporary economic collapse among their systems. 

Spanner teleported the crew back and they took off with Tina in tow. 


With the Inferno back with the fleet, Dylan made her pitch.

The idea was to use Ike, and the fridge, and Spanner's head to create a portal that would allow the crew to go into the universe of galatean minds, so they might make some… adjustments there.

Ike agreed, set up the portal, and explained that he would translate that world so that the ship would be able to go there and the crew would experience physics as they are used to. 

Inside the portal was a world of many glowing blue, electric planets. The ship landed on a planet and they realized the surface was covered in hexagonal pillars that raised and lowered in discrete patterns. The group removed one pillar and examined it, then they left.

They determined that each planet was a galatean mind.

Eventually, they found a donut shaped planet and they met a man on that planet, also made of hexagons. This man was like a child's drawing come to life. He spoke in a stilted horrible voice. He wished to be called "elvis." 

The crew asked him to take them to where the devoted minds are and he agreed. He got real huge and hugged their ship and the flew him to a place where the planets were surrounded by chunks of discarded materal, as if the planets were all falling apart. Here planets ranged in size from huge to very small. 

At this point, Wise Crack mentioned to the captain that itch was back. All the crew was feeling it. So the captain assembled the crew. But Splatter looked ready for violence. 

Captain said, "you wanna fight?"

Splatter said "Yeah."

"Then let's fight."

So they did. Splatter got Captain good, but sledge with one punch nearly put a hole right through splatter, downing him instantly. Then, the brawl was on. The kitorin, one by one, gave into the itch and they leaped into the fray with magical darkness and electrified garotte wires. Things looked dicey for a moment until Kanda got on the intercom and shamed them all into passivity. 

They were all sent to their rooms and locked in.

Dylan discovered Deadman was attempting to sow several corpses together. Dylan also discovered that Deadman has several corpse drawers. 

Anyway, the crew spoke with Elvis about this region of planets and he explained that the planets wer sloughing off parts of themselves that they didn't need to "Play the game." Elvis explained that all the planets are playing the game and he is very lonely. He made a deal with the crew. Elvis will repair the planets (possibly returning som long forgotten sense of empathy and moral reason to the devoted) but in return the crew would have to make one thousand of the planets unable to play the game, so that Elvis could have some friends to talk to. 

He explained that while Elvis is unable to destroy, the crew can, and they can destory just the parts of the planets that allow them to interface with "the game" (which in this context means the material plane). Essentially the deal was, he would grant the devoted a higher sense of empathy and ethics in return for permanently severing the minds and bodies of one thousand galateans. 

The party was no sure what to do. Knowing there were other donut planets, they went to see the other "gardeners" as he called them to see if they could find another way. The second Gardener was called "James Marsden" and he made the same deal as Elvis but for 850 planets instead of one thousand. The third Gardener in the shape of an arden this time agreed to 750. His name was "The Letter P." The final Gardener agreed to do it for as low as 175 planets (souls, really) but the crew would have to kill the other Gardeners. You see, the Gardeners all wanted more friends, but hated eachother. 

At this point, Mickey was basically a full on cat. Dylan had passed out from exhaustion. Sledge could barely speak, and Kanda was… still on space cocaine. So Kanda took "The Letter P"s deal and performed orbital bombardment surgery on 750 planets, removing them from their access to the real world (she picked the smallest planets in the devoted cloud). Then she passed out from the space cocaine. Sledge to the controls, being the only conscious member left on the ship and as he flew out he saw "The Letter P", now massive inside, gathering up all the planets, cackling, shouting "All my new friends! Joy, exhaultation! Look at my new friends!" like a madman.


The fleet jumped. They were no longer being followed. 


Calypso log pt 3

T: 15:40

The Crew finally got in place and after some arguing, began their plan. Dylan's Droid went in and announced that The Devourer had instructed them all to shut down. This somehow worked, but only on the Orchestrators. The Berserker, with restricted sentience, could not understand the message. Next, Dylan managed to gain control of the massive arms within the Barge that are used to move around huge machines. She used these arms to pry open the hatch on the roof of the Barge, venting the air. Next, Spanner and Drotter went into the airlock, which suddenly vanished. It had been installed with an FTL drive and rigged to activate when it registered an organic lifeform (drottr). WIth the airlock to the vacuumed back of the Barge open, Dylan and Sledge were sucked into the vacuum. (Sledge went on purposed) Kanda followed on her hoverboard and caught Dylan before she made impact with the terraforming spire. Now, with three of the crew aboard the spire, they realized that their earlier plan was not possible. Berserker were charging up the side of the spire, and the Devoted fleet would be arriving any minute. So, while Sledge and Kanda fought, Dylan used the giant mechanical arms she controlled wo lift the spire out of the barge. Meanwhile, Mickey had figured out how to detonate the Barge's FTL system and had done so. He leaped to the spire, was caught by Kanda on her hoverboard, and they arrived back at the spire at the moment The Inferno had pulled up and hit the FTL. At this point, Kanda surfed on the tidal wave of an exploding ship while also surfing through dimensions as she experienced an FTL jump while outside of a ship. It was very rad.

In the end, everyone made it out, except Drottr and Spanner. And also, everyone was very ill. Sledge was shot several times. 

T: 16:30

After jumping, the crew finished off the leftover devoted, Kanda figured out the next jump point, Sledge slept, Dylan did some investigating while the Kitorin crew helped to fix her broken droid. 

T: 20

The fleet prepared to jump. 

The Calypso Log, pt 2

T: 5 hours

It was around this time that Tick Tock died, although no one reported the death until after the next jump.

Drottr spent some time recovering and incapacitating a Bright One teenager out of his pod. 

Then the crew disseminated the 45 extra bright ones taken on after abandoning a ship back at Graceful End. 

Dylan spoke to an Orchestrator and discovered that the Devoted believe our whole universe to be a simulation.

T: 8 hours

The third jump occurred. Soon after, Tick Tock's body was discovered.

Tick Tock was killed via Bright One Phaser blast. A sleep aid crystal was installed above his quarters to ensure he died in his sleep. Although detailed inspection revealed he woke briefly, and attempted a swipe at his attacker. The suspects included the crew and the 45 Bright Ones aboard at the time. Dylan and Drottr spoke to Journey Maker who was dying of old age that very minute. 

T: 9 Hours

Dylan spoke to Hope Reversed about the Backwards Facing God. Hope Reversed spoke of a prophecy that included 2 navigators dying. She also claimed that Drottr would be the one to find the backwards facing god. No one else.

It was decided at this time, independant of this conversation, that Drottr would be the only one to know of their destination. Kanda would cook up three possible courses for every jump and Drottr would pick which one to take. And only Drottr would know what planet they were headed to.

T: 12 Hours

The fleet jumped again. Once again, there was no sign of the Devoted fleet. 

Drottr decided to go into the Fridge, hoping, I believe, to contact the Val Star. Instead, he spoke to the backwards facing god (sometimes mistranslated as Calypso). The god said 3 things of interest. First, it said that it only knew the future (it's past) and it was sorry. It said it would meet Drottr again at the end, and at the beginning, and it relayed a message to Drottr, from Drottr. The god said that there are sources of power aboard the ships that may not be coming from the ship itself.

T: 14 hours

The Crew assembled aboard the Barge, noticing that the ships terraforming gear was being used to create Devoted.

The Crew hatched a plan, wherein the heavy hitters Drottr and Sledge would create a suitable distraction. Meanwhile, Dylan and Spanner would get to the access panel of the terraforming spire and hack it to create defensive drones similar to those used by Dylan in combat. All the while, Kanda would attempt to emulate the voice of The Devourer and attempt to throw off the Devoted.

It was an interesting plan.


The Calypso Log, pt 1

T: – 30 hours

Plans are underway to blow up the space station "The Joy of Interrupting a Pendulum.

Sledge stares ominously at the Bright Ones in an attempt to hurry their evacuation. He receives a data storage device containing the secret Bright One Histories. He later gives this to Dylan.

Kanda gets to know the Kitorin crew better.

Mickey meets a fan. Mickey Autographs a wooden orb for the Bright One admirer. 

Dylan feeds the baby she accidentally made with Thought Exploder. She thinks thoughts while mind-jacking Flaw Finder. Her child is developing apace.

But most importantly, Drottr meets Hope Reversed. The last living devote of the Backwards Facing God. She tells Drottr that the final prophet spoke of the first prophet, who would have one arm and four legs. (She believes time moves backwards.) She tells him that he has met the Backwards facing god and that he alone knows where it is. 

T: – 4 Hours

The Devoted jump in. They appear to be using the same arcane creature to imporve their jumps. They hang in the air, recovering from the jump, for several hours. The Bright One fleet is ordered to jump. But one ship, "Screaming for lack of words," is unable to spin up their engines. Spanner is launched over in a torpedo to fix the situation but even he can't get this engine to go. An evacuation order comes in and the scout ship evac all 50 people onto "A Small Measure of Decency."

The Devoted begin flying their ships in as a giant net. Kanda manages to fly through a devoted ship and sledge shoots out a part of the web large enough for "A Small Measure of Decency to slip through. But five Bright Ones are caught by the web and disappear. The ship jumps as does The Inferno.

T: 0 Hours

Right when they jump to the next location, Dylan spots a number of Devoted have teleported onto the ship. 10 of them, which becomes 5 soon after. Sledge kills the power and the crew go in and dispatch the 4 devoted. Spanner, still aboard "A small Measure of Decency," gets in a fight with two Devoted Berserker and is nearly killed before the Berserker are vented into space. Spanner manages to hold on.

T: 1 Hour

Spanner repairs himself somewhat, then rejoins his crew. The Fridge I mentioned earlier has returned to the cargo bay of "A Small Measure of Decency" despite being left on the space station (which exploded). Mickey enters the fridge, expecting The Devourer. Instead, Mickey speaks to an entity claiming to be the Val-Star. 

T: 2 Hours

Two Devoted are located aboard "Time Spent Thinking About Time." The crew arrives and manages to hack the generator to consume the power going to gravity. The Devoted Orchestrator and Mickey get in a brief telekenisis sword fight which is broken up by Sledge tackling the orchestrator. Sledge is shot many, many times and eventually skewered to the Orchestrator by its floating sword. But The crew destroys the turrets and Mickey beheads the orchestrator. 

T: 3 Hours

It is discovered that the Devoted Orchestrators are able to control how much sentience the other Devoted have. But they are all powered by the Generators, who sap ship power.

Dylan and Kanda discuss somehow using Ike to possibly enter the dimension where all the Galateans keep their brains. She feeds the baby. It grabs her hand. 

T: 4 Hours

The Devoted arrive at the location of the fleet just as everyone is jumping out. The Devoted have now formed into one singular, massive ship. The Inferno jumps away. The crew still have 1 unaccounted for Devoted, somewhere in the fleet, able to relay their location to the Devoted mother ship. 


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