Welcome to D&D in Space.

After Erik goes off to faraway-not-here-land, we'll be starting a new campaign… In space. All are welcome to join. 


In this campaign, you will play the crew of a ship that travels the galaxy. Your mission is to work, off the books, for a member of the United Worlds Security Council. Your missions will be difficult, ethically murky, and dangerous.

This will be a campaign of choices. As the campaign progresses, every choice you make will have a lasting effect on the world around you. So choose wisely.

A well rounded crew will need the following roles.
1. A Captain and 1st officer (High CHA)
2. A Pilot (High DEX and the Piloting skill, which is available to the Rogue, Ranger, Bard, and Fighter; and the soldier, sailor, and pirate background )
3. An operations officer (Someone watching the sensors) (High Perception)
4. An engineering officer (High Arcana Skill)
5. A couple guys to man the guns (High DEX and proficiency in Martial Ranged Weapons)
6. Someone to chart courses (High Survival Skill)

Some of these roles might overlap, and you may have more than one person in one role. That's fine. Three NPCs will be provided to fill in any gaps in your crew.

Additionally, you will need to name your ship. It's stats will be provided by me. Though, throughout the campaign, you will be able to upgrade and specialize your ship to your liking.

Head on over to the Wiki page to check out the races and other fun stuff.