The Trox

Use Dwarf Stats – These subterranean creatures are known for their fearsome militaristic effectiveness and their monolithic culture. They are the most politically united race in the galaxy. They are known to be wise and physically impressive. But their unique and impenetrable customs make them difficult to get along with.

Trox Names: Gianar Holgingar Flurverwort, Metterglin Chargasm Wister, Yunt Espargin Barg, Shmorsper Echnir Warstorin, Alch Hackhack Shmom. The Trox are not known for pretty names.

Trox Culture: The Trox are originally subterranean creatures so one must respect the great distances they travelled for the sake of discovery. They managed to emerge from their homes into the blinding sunlight and then, from there, built ships and went further into the sky. This was an extremely long process for the Trox, taking thousands of years. The Trox had actually invented artificial life, before venturing into space. But this invention lead to the arrival of the Galateans, who came to make contact with their young cousins. When the Trox got a look at how the Galateans got around, they figured it shouldn’t be so tough to make a space contraption like that, so 195 years later, the Trox were in space. To call the Trox fixed in their ways would not do justice to their legendary stubbornness. They find all change dangerous. The Trox will sometimes throw Yuntas (A sort of Trox Funeral) when something in their community changes. When it comes to relating to other species, the Trox often see themselves as the wise parent, someone to look up to (despite their short stature).

Trox Government: The Trox are not a member of the UW. They are the Trox Singularity. Trox citizens abide by their own rules and are deeply skeptical of all other forms of government. The Trox Singularity has a supreme ruler, chosen by supreme council every 5 years. The Supreme leader always wears a mask during his tenure as leader, never revealing his identity. When the leader has resigned, he is allowed to reveal who he is to the public.

What the other races say about the Trox:

Jaxean: Put two Trox in a room for five minutes, they’ll figure out how they’re related.

Ardin: The Trox are efficient and stable, all the good qualities you’d want in a neighbor. But their obsessive unity leaves little room for art, for genius, for exploration. They are a boring neighbor.

Twgwin: I’ve talked to three Trox at this point and I see no reason to talk to a fourth. I already know what it’s going to say.


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