Sentinel Drottr Krunjin Premborzl

Executive Officer of the Archon, Shield of the Valstar


Sentinel Drottr, an older Drox clad in a Heavy Exosuit, wields a large Titanium Shield and a Concussive Mace.

His shield is adorned with the symbol of the Valstar: the vibrant spiral of a supernova, pierced by a spear of divine light.


Here’s what you’re allowed to know about your XO: Only what he tells you.

Here’s what he’s told you: Nothing.

But… you’ve been on the ship long enough that some facts are known through hearsay and word of mouth. The only story he’s ever told, and only to those who he feels deserve to hear it, is the story of how he observed the Valstar and the story of how he came to meet Kanda Sunspear. It is the same story.

Drottr was a lieutenant in the Drox Singularity. His ship was primarily a scout unit, until they were called upon for a pressing rescue mission: shuttle away the citizens of a small space station that had mistakenly jumped into the radius of a nearby sun about to go supernova. As they brought the civilians aboard their vessel, it seemed already too late – the sun exploded. But instead of bringing destruction, the wave of unimaginable heat and light passed through their ship without harm, while the empty space station was obliterated. And in the center of this dissipated star, Drottr and his shipmates saw the birth – or rebirth – of a god. It was clear to both the Drox and the civilians that this god had reached out to spare them. But, says Drottr, it was as if their willingness to sacrifice themselves was the impetus for this god to appear. The act served as a nucleation point for the Valstar to appear.

In the light of this revelation, Drottr swore an oath of protection. He swore to uphold the code that would honor the Valstar, and is granted power from it in return. Dozens of other Drox, and civilians, did the same.

Over the next few years, Drottr rose to the rank of Sentinel. As is customary in the Drox military, he retired at the age of 176. Feeling that his purpose was not yet fulfilled, he struck out into the private sector. A chance encounter on Caliphus II reconnected him with Kanda Sunspear – only a child when his ship rescued her from that space station – and they have traveled together since, for some time.

Now, she has her own ship. And Drottr is along for the ride.

Sentinel Drottr Krunjin Premborzl

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