Kanda Sunspear

Ardin Captain of Archon


Kanda Sunspear is the daughter of a high level UW Diplomat and Council member and an areospace engineer/architect. She spent much of her childhood on the move, never lacking in excitement. She was present on spacestation E247 during the Valstar explosion and on the plant surface during the Galetean revolt of Gzarbin. To her parents chagrin, she shirked higher education on the Ardin core planets, instead learning piloting at an academy run by ex-military Humans near Sol.

With her restlessness and innate authority issues, her private sector piloting career seemed doomed from the beginning. While rather intoxicated with her crew mates from the twigwin-run cruiser Eos, she stumbled upon a high stakes game of stratego with a couple of seedy merchants. She quickly bluffed her way into the game and continued to advance in the tournament while maintaining the air of a harmless drunk. In the final game she wagered a 10 year piloting contract against the merchant’s ship title and won using a technique some may describe as cheating. Sunspear left with her newly minted Archon ship within the hour, breaching her 3 year contract with Eos and never looking back*.

As piloting the Archon solo became increasingly ridiculous, she started picking up crew mates along her aimless travels. Finding her self in the uncomfortable position of captain and feeling obligated to provide her crew with a means to feed themselves, pay off their own debts and maintain the ship, she has turned the Archon into a for-hire space vehicle with a team that is equally great at smashing and fixing things.

*Technically she still owes the Eos captain 7000 credits to settle the contract termination – which she plans on paying back if it benefits her in anyway.

Kanda Sunspear

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