D&D in Space

The Calypso Log, pt 2

T: 5 hours

It was around this time that Tick Tock died, although no one reported the death until after the next jump.

Drottr spent some time recovering and incapacitating a Bright One teenager out of his pod. 

Then the crew disseminated the 45 extra bright ones taken on after abandoning a ship back at Graceful End. 

Dylan spoke to an Orchestrator and discovered that the Devoted believe our whole universe to be a simulation.

T: 8 hours

The third jump occurred. Soon after, Tick Tock's body was discovered.

Tick Tock was killed via Bright One Phaser blast. A sleep aid crystal was installed above his quarters to ensure he died in his sleep. Although detailed inspection revealed he woke briefly, and attempted a swipe at his attacker. The suspects included the crew and the 45 Bright Ones aboard at the time. Dylan and Drottr spoke to Journey Maker who was dying of old age that very minute. 

T: 9 Hours

Dylan spoke to Hope Reversed about the Backwards Facing God. Hope Reversed spoke of a prophecy that included 2 navigators dying. She also claimed that Drottr would be the one to find the backwards facing god. No one else.

It was decided at this time, independant of this conversation, that Drottr would be the only one to know of their destination. Kanda would cook up three possible courses for every jump and Drottr would pick which one to take. And only Drottr would know what planet they were headed to.

T: 12 Hours

The fleet jumped again. Once again, there was no sign of the Devoted fleet. 

Drottr decided to go into the Fridge, hoping, I believe, to contact the Val Star. Instead, he spoke to the backwards facing god (sometimes mistranslated as Calypso). The god said 3 things of interest. First, it said that it only knew the future (it's past) and it was sorry. It said it would meet Drottr again at the end, and at the beginning, and it relayed a message to Drottr, from Drottr. The god said that there are sources of power aboard the ships that may not be coming from the ship itself.

T: 14 hours

The Crew assembled aboard the Barge, noticing that the ships terraforming gear was being used to create Devoted.

The Crew hatched a plan, wherein the heavy hitters Drottr and Sledge would create a suitable distraction. Meanwhile, Dylan and Spanner would get to the access panel of the terraforming spire and hack it to create defensive drones similar to those used by Dylan in combat. All the while, Kanda would attempt to emulate the voice of The Devourer and attempt to throw off the Devoted.

It was an interesting plan.




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