D&D in Space

Singer's Report

We waited on the prison for a moment. Long enough to reflect on this new universe we were now a part of. It was hard to get a look at the game as it now stood, so long after being removed from the board. However, when the ship returned and The Decider told us to jump somewhere off the grid, we began to see that it was the same game as before - the same pieces, the same rules.

We jumped to a system on our old flight plans. It seems the new rulers of the galaxy don’t use these old, abandoned roads. It’s odd to think that everything we built is gone. The Galateans and the Kaldreth remain, but even they have grown into something hard to recognize.

The Decider, Sun-Spear, came aboard our ship, asking if she could take one of our Time-Space Compressors and install it on their ship. She also offered to shepherd any Bright Ones who wished to go into the universe and begin a new mission of diplomacy. I offered myself, knowing it was a role I was meant to play. With me came the young and the very old. Those not able to do their duty as prison guards.

So I boarded their ship called The Ancient Ruler and we set off.

Soon after leaving, the ship was beset by some pirates. It was very exciting. The crew fought off the attackers and they captured the leader. They asked us to help steal the pirate’s fish, which we did. The young ones took great satisfaction in the task.

Soon, we arrived in orbit of another planet. We call this planet New Home. Here on New Home, a fascinating decision was made. The second-in-command aboard The Ancient Ruler was a cave creature named Sentinel. During an altercation with local authorities, he had apparently severed the life of a sentience aboard the station he was staying on. Their violence was sanctioned, as a somewhat suspect friend of the crew had arranged to have them absorbed into their galactic war apparatus. However, this meant that the cave creature, Sentinel, would have to be punished for his crime.

Sentinel was given a choice: spend some time in prison (the exact amount was not made clear to me – though some said it could have been a year or longer, which may be the most horrific punishment I’ve ever heard of) or have one of his arms severed from his body, never to be replaced.

Sentinel spent some time conferring with a compatriot on New Home and then decided that the punishment he preferred was the loss of his appendage.

Decider Sun-Spear then set a course for the System of the Furry Friends, where I am to meet with diplomats and represent my people on the galactic stage.



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