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Official statement of Ronan Firstlight to the security board, concerning the Bright Ones first contact.

Due to the violent and still yet unresolved incident surrounding the events that led to the introduction of the Bright Ones to the U.W. I will describe only what I must, and will once again preserve my 8th declaration rights to withhold information regarding the location of the Prison ship. First, in regards to the Trox, Sentinel Drottr. He was delivered to Molean for punishment, following the civilian casualty. There, he was punished for his crime in Kashinian custom. They removed his arm. They also gave him an official commendation for helping fight on their behalf after an “unnatural disaster.” His state as a valuable ally of the United Worlds and man of unquestionable character should be, from this day forth, beyond reproach.

As for the Bright Ones, I have deemed it a security risk for anyone outside of myself and the crew of the Archon to know the location of the Bright Ones’ prison ship. I do this for the safety of the galaxy, knowing that if the prison ship were to fall into the wrong hands, it would mean the end of the free Galateans. And this decision comes at great costs. Just the other day, assassins attempted to board and kill the crew of the Archon.

Lastly, I would like to mention two new crew members of the Archon, both of whom have been given top-level security clearance, regarding the Bright Ones. Weaking, a Corsa doctor and old friend of mine. And Light, a Galatean found powered down on the Archon, who seems to have been in sleep mode for a hundred years. He appears to bare no alliance to anyone, and for the moment is content to kill for money. I will be sure to monitor him closely.

I hope this satisfies the council for I have more important work to do than explain myself to you lot.

-Ronan Firstlight



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