D&D in Space

Kira Burningheart Seemed Like a Diplomat Gone Terrorist Until She Did This

By Micky Van Kleef


ALTHEPIA, ALTORIN, SHENDEN- The Dawn War rages between the Altari and Kitorin on the surface of Altorin.  The Kitorin, a race of slavers and pirates have launched an all-out offensive against the peaceful Altari with former UW diplomat Kira Burningheart at the helm of their offensive.  Kira, knowing the tactics and technology of the Altari has been able to inflict massive damage on the Altari fleet with her Kitorin Burning Vanguard. 

Altari casualties continued to mount despite the best efforts by the Fighting Five-One to defend the civilian populations.   Enter Captain Kanda Sunspear, commander of the mercenary ship the Archon.  Captain Sunspear and her team were tasked by General Elmenia, commander of the Fighting Five-One with capturing the rogue diplomat.   I was lucky enough to be allowed to follow Captain Sunspear into the fray.

The battle was intense door to door combat, but Captain Sunspear’s highly trained team of commandos was easily able to clear through a horde of Kitorin.  Her team was as varied as it was deadly.  Sledge, a hulking Corsa, smashed enemies with his fists and flew around the battlefield on jet powered boots.  Sentinel Drottr Krunjin Premborzl, the one armed Trax warrior saved me several times with his shield.  The two Galateans Light and ALLEN engaged enemies with pinpoint precision.  Frithrik Molleepog, who’s nature still confounds me used its powerful illusions to turn the tide of the battle.  These soldiers came together under Captain Sunspear’s smooth and brilliant leadership.

As the battle raged, it was discovered that a well in the middle of the battlefield was an illusion created to conceal the presence of a group of Altari children.  Frithrik Molleepog spoke with the children and learned that they had been hidden away by Kira Burningheart herself.  Shortly after, Kira engaged Captain Sunspear’s crew.  Frithrik Molleepog, using its impressive illusion abilities managed to convince Kira that it had killed one of the children and would kill the others if she did not surrender.  Kira, overwhelmed with her fear for the children’s safety gave up her fight and surrendered.  None of the children harmed and were all safely extracted by Captain Sunspear’s crew.

After the battle had died down I was able to have a brief conversation with Kira Burningheart.  She was driven by the belief that the Altari had been oppressing the Kitorin and that she was fighting for their freedom.  In an uncharacteristic act of altruism, she hid the Altari children from harm.  Ultimately saving their lives.

The battle is over, the Burning Vanguard are seemingly defeated, and Kira Burningheart is in custody.  All appears well at the moment, leading me to wonder what adventures Captain Sunspear and her crew will find themselves in next.



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