D&D in Space

From the notes of Dagmar Deadborn

The golden goose returns...

Long ago, and for reasons that I'm sure will wind up in a book, I had the good fortune of nearly dying. My salvation came in the form of a beguiling young lawyer named Kanda Stonesoul. The manner of her arrival was so unlikely that I, for a moment, genuinely believed I had been saved by an angel. I told her that I was forever in her debt.

She took this literally.

Decades later and after years of near constant "favors," I had the pleasure of representing Stonesoul's  somewhat feral daughter in the case of the century. I believe Stonesoul said "See, not all my favors are bad?" to which I thought fondly of my original leg, wondering where it might be.

But then, it seemed the Golden Goose had more eggs to lay. Sunspear returned only this time, she had somehow managed to place herself in the middle of the greatest negotiations in United World history. The surrender of the Devoted. It seems Sunspear was responsible. But, after a little mention of space cocaine and the fact that she negotiated with the devoted while on vacation and how she basically ignored every first contact protocol in the book, it seemed that the powers that be were intent on stripping her of the rank they foisted upon her in the first place.

Ironic, isn't it?

Well, when one door shuts…

You see, Sunspear, possessing literally none of her mother's qualities (or appearance for that matter (I think she might be adopted)), decided to use this very public dressing down by congress to actually announce that she was running for congress. It was insane and ill-adviced and deeply entertaining. Kanda Sunspear, undisputed leader of the most searched name on the internet, 6 years running. Never change.

So, having thrown a political bomb in the room, Kanda swiftly left the system and headed back to Graceful end (after retaining my council of course). She picked up a galatean engineer named Tera (recently, somewhat unhappily single) and a Chuck Sterling (retired spaceline pilot who had previous encounters with the captain). And, of course, Marcus (who still makes the best Fried Cabunba, this side of Gzarbin). Sunspear insisted this was a job of currying political favor, but in fact, it seemed she was just genuinely concerned for the fate of these ill-fated few. In this way, I think she'd make for a marvelously bad politician. 

Once arrived on the planet, she was asked to put trackers on all the local earthquake beasts. This was supposed to be an easy job, unfortunately, some lightning beetles intervened, causing the beast to rear up and knock the ship out of the sky.

As a personal note, I'd like to say that I do believe it will be boredom that kills me one day, and for as long as there are Kandas in the galaxy, I will never die.



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