D&D in Space

From the journals of Dagmar Deadborn

              The original story was that Kira Burningheart had kidnapped Kanda Stonesoul. But charges were never filed, so we’ll never know. Regardless, it was Kanda Stonesoul who got the crew of the Archon their meeting with a famed Altari Scientist by the name of Umar Whisperia. Of course, this was a ruse. The Crew hacked into the World Rotation Device. Security forces came but were neutralized. In the end, after a brutal fight, the device was sabotaged and the planet turned. The cottage was consigned to the sea.

              This is where I came in. It was to no one’s surprise that the crew of the Archon was brought up on charges from the UW, the Corsa government, and the Kaldreth Government. The charges were interference and war crimes. I boarded their ship and we decided to contact the Bright Ones for use of their embassy. The Bright Ones, happily, did not see this as interference, but as first contact with the new species that had been created. Meanwhile, the journalist, Mickey, published the now infamous “Mickey Leaks” where she detailed what had happened and made a compelling case for the justification of their actions.

But while they sent out this information, the UW had found them. The Archon was having difficulty prepping its navigation systems, in orbit around Goodle Station. And in that time, the flagship Tekkonkreet arrived, to arrest, or destroy them. But Drottr still had a divine token from the church of the Valstar and he used this token to contact a priest of Pelor aboard Goodle Station. The Priest declared sanctuary in the airlock of Goodle Station. When Admiral Aglgaglia contacted the crew, Drottr pointed out that Pelor’s sanctuary had been invoked. Aglgaglia is a smart admiral who knew at that moment, he’d been beat. If he fired, he would jeopardize the UW’s relationship with the church of Pelor which was far more important than their relationship with the now unstable Altari government. So he waited. The Nav was prepped and the ship basically jumped straight from a docking bay.

When they arrived at Ardin, Captain Sunspear managed to jump in past security, right at the docking bay to the Bright One embassy.

The Bright Ones accepted them. And I was informed that Ronan Firstlight had been arrested. The Kitorin had produced diplomats for the first time in history and the UW had a deal for the crew of the Archon. Join the UW military or be fugitives.

Captain Sunspear, Marcus Shore, Blistery Cobbleporch, Ithica Turk, and Weakling, all took the deal and joined the UW. Kanda was on the fence until Marcus made an impassioned plea. Sledge, now in good with the Kitorin, got himself a Kitorin battleship (with a Kitorin crew), and took to a life of a pirate captain, with his companions, Light, Allen, and Mickey.  Drottr, somehow never got charges levied against him, reenlisted with the Trox foreign legion and was assigned to a joint taskforce alongside his longtime charge, Sunspear.

I guess it all worked out. Kanda seems bored as a glorified courier. But Blistery is doing well, Weakling has become the poster child for Corsa-United Worlds cooperation. Marcus cooks, never gets tired of it. Ithica was moved to R&D where he’s putting that twitchy brain of his to use. Kira finally stood trial for war crimes and refused my representation. She was found guilty but her sentencing has been delayed by the possibility of some sort of prisoner swap with the Kitorin. Ronan was found guilty, stripped of his rank and given a measly 2 year sentence. It’s hard to say what happened to Sledge and his pirate ship. Every now and then I hear there’s been another sighting. But he’s never been the type to leave a lot of witnesses.

Lastly, Frithrik went with the Bright Ones to their new world. I hear they’re calling it Graceful End. I hope they’re right about that.

But if I’m honest… I doubt it’s over.



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