D&D in Space

First Officer Log - Starg “Wisecrack” Burningheart

We reported to Harn at 0540, disguised as a Loan-Out tug-boat. Captain Sledge gave us some coordinates at 0600 and not a lot of information. I checked in on Splatter at 0615, who was still head drunk from last night. I picked him up and put him in the war room because it seemed funny. 

At 0700 we were at the coordinates. A shuttle arrived and we picked up our new 'guests.' A one armed Trox and an Ardin. I began telling the crew that Drottr was a Corsa, just to see what would happen. I think Dud bought it. 

At 0730, we learned of the mission. The Devoted were heading to Graceful End (the third one apparently). They were looking for the Bight Ones so they could learn the location of the Devourer and bring the Galateans all under one hive mind. So we had this little weird creature named "ike" who lived in a vat of pure arcana and could jump us all 25 in one jump. Mickey was nervous after that one time she got half he face blown off, so she insisted we run tests. We ran Ike through the 3d Printer and he made a replica of himself. It was cool. 

So, they put him in the engines and we hit the gas. It was a weird jump with Ike making race car noises and Spanner making the sounds of a fax machine.

We landed at the space station "The Joy Felt Interrupting a Pendulum," and met with Many Hands, the leader of the Bright Ones. He had with him a squishy looking human named Dylan, as a translator. He made a bit of a scene, having Kanda hold a dagger to his throat, but he agreed to put the fate of his people in our hands. How fucking nuts is that. 

So the plan was that some people would handle evacuation, others would handle navigation, and a special team would be in charge of booby trapping the station. I wound up getting drunk with a little Twigwin named Stupac Shakormp and he told me a very interesting story. He said that the little Dylan girl had recently neural jacked a Bright One's thought cloud and managed to talk in the Bright One language, which is sort of like mind melding. 

Anyway, he told me to go easy on Dylan because she was gonna be a dad.

I'm pretty sure he was fucking with me. 



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