D&D in Space

Epilogue pt. 1

Big Picture Stuff

Graceful End managed to flourish, confined to a single valley, the Bright Ones dove into the task of managing their dwindling gene pool. The solution, it turned out lay in a young Bright One named "World-Bridge." The child of two species, World Bridge was a living example of how to infuse genetic diversity from other races. Not wanting to call them "half Bright Ones" they were instead called The Poet's Children. World Bridge wound up mating with three Jaxeans, an Ardin, a Corsa, five Kiton and a wopping thirty-nine humans. Humans, for whatever reason, really like the idea of alien fucking. Who knew?

The Bright Ones built several monuments and several holidays to commemorate their exodus, building a new culture not around expansion and longevity, but around perseverance and coexistence. 20 years after it's founding, Graceful End announced to the world that it would be forming a world government, in cooperation with the Cleoxi. Their world capitol is called Spanner City. 


New Bigsby welcomed their ninth UW representative in 6 years, Kanda Sunspear, after a landslide election. Lassie Stinklater, hoping this meant some sort of stability for the Jaxeans, resigned, again. She is still extremely active in political circles, despite having no official title. 

Micky Van Kleef became the first non-Jaxean to win a Dancy-Brain award, a prestigious award given out by the Jaxean Humanities Council for Deeply Biased Journalism. 


The United Front eventually fell apart, with no great threat to unite them. The Trox continued their political independence from the other UW races, but with stronger diplomatic ties than ever. Meanwhile, the Kitorin, after years of sunlight integration, eventually outlawed slavery, cobbled together some sort of republic and were admitted into the UW.

Years later, upon hearing of the death of Captain Sledge, the UW enforcement agency decided not to cancel his bounty and instead, raise it to 9.5 billion credits, making him the most valuable individual, alive or dead, in the history of the United Worlds. 

On the 50th anniversary of the end of the war, the singularity unveiled their newest Flagship. The T.S.V. Premborzl.



The Galateans, reeling from their lost political status founded their own galactic government, called "The Congruance." They then admitted, the Altari, the Corsa, and the "Penultumas" (the leftover devoted under the leadership of "P"). Their relationship with the UW is peaceful, but icy. 


Generations after the end of the war, the Prison ship still floats in the abyss, guarded by a small compliment of an endangered people. Their immortal ward waits patiently. Nothing can stay hidden forever. 




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