D&D in Space

Calypso Log pt 6

Mistakes were made

T: 50

It was clear that the fleet was not being followed. Everyone was exhausted and wounded, but they were safe, for now.

At this point, Many Hands recommended that everyone have a party, for morale.

It was a real bitching party. There were beer clouds, a thought orgy, and Sledge brought his collection of skulls. At this party, a reporter named Mirthbringer started talking up the Kanda, Dylan and Captain Sledge. The crew did not present themselves in the most positive light. 

Speaking of light, Light showed up to the party. Everyone got real nervous, as he is huge. But it was not Light at all. It was "P" the gardener, here to tell the crew that he had fulfilled his end of the bargain and had repaired all the thought planets. He then thanked them for all the new "friends."

Then he teleported away.  It was very ominous. Everyone was concerned.

The crew assembled for a meating to figure out what this all meant, but they found out Light had turned on their captured devoted. This devoted (named James) had undergone somewhat of a personality change. He was remorseful, introspective. He also provided them with the coordinates of the Devoted fleet. Curious to see if these effects would persist among the rest of the fleet, the inferno departed to go look and see.


When they arrived, they found the whole fleet parked outside a bountiful planet. And Drottr was there.

It seems that after running through a simulated escape scenario over and over, Drottr woke up to find the whole fleet sleeping. He and some other prisoners took over the fleet and they jumped to… well, just a random place that Drottr chose. Just so happened, he chose a place that was a planet, green and filled with life. 

When Drottr landed on this planet, he saw a massive statue of a Bright One and a woman in a space suit who he could not look at. She said that he was supposed to tell her something and he told her, "There are other sources of power besides the ships." Then she thanked him, and split into two beings, one dissolved into stardust, the other walked into the woods. 

The whole crew got together and had a little powow about their new situation. The inferno went back to retrieve the Bright Ones and everyone began having a look around.



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